Nursery Birds in Stock

All of our larger birds are Polyoma vaccinated. All birds are weaned onto a healthy diet of pellets, some seed and nuts, veggies, and fruit. Ask us about shipping. Please call for availability, as birds may sell, or we may get more birds in before this list is updated. 


  • Goffin's Cockatoo
  • African Grey
  • Senegal
  • Cape Parrot
  • White-bellied Caique
  • Black-headed Caique
  • Cuban Amazon
  • Yellow-nape/yellow-crowned
  • Yellow-nape
  • Severe Macaw
  • Queen of Bavaria Conure
  • Sun Conure
  • High-yellow Sun Conure
  • High-red Sun Conure
  • Peach-fronted Conure
  • Blue-crowned Conure
  • Cherry-headed Coure
  • Sun cheek Conure
  • Indian Ringneck (Violet, harlequin, lacewing, green, turquoise, lutino)
  • Quaker (Opaline gray, opaline green, yellow, blue, and green)


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