Vitapol - Complete Food for Canaries


$ 7.50 


Vitapol - Complete Food for Canaries - 1.1lb -

Created with only the finest blend of natural ingredients, Vitapols' Food for Canary is specially fortified with wholesome nutrients to keep your feathered friend healthy. The delectable combination of seeds ensures that every beak full is whole heartedly enjoyed; and the added fruit and vegetable bits completely cover your bird’s daily nutritional needs. A firm favourite of canaries and bird owners the world over, this no mess formula supports your bird’s health and immunity while enhancing colour, plumage and singing. After all, a healthy canary is a happy canary! 


  • Complete mixture of top seeds that covers daily nutrition of your bird with a large share of canary seed
  • Addition of flax supports proper functioning of the digestive tract
  • Addition of fruit and vegetables and optimal ingredients
  • Provides healthy diet and shiny feathers

    • Canary grass seed, rape seed, turnip seed, red millet, yellow millet, flax seed, hemp seed, oat groats, corn flour, wheat flour, carotene, alfalfa meal.



    • Store in a cool, dry place

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