System Detox


$ 21.00 

Avitech - System Detox - 1 oz
AVT 01081 - System Detox - Clears environmental and chemical toxins from tissues and protects the liver.
Environmental toxins are a particular concern as birds� sensitive respiratory tracts are especially vulnerable to pesticides, fertilizers, smoke, unclean water that can affect their general health and immune systems. This formula works to purify the blood, protect and support organ function and protects the body from further damage while helping liver function for efficient removal of systemic waste and absorbed toxins.
Can be used for long term
1 oz size = Approximately 770 drops

Contains: Sasparilla root, European elder berry, chicory root, milk thistle seed, lemon peel, sweet goldenrod leaf/stem/flower, black walnut hull, burdock root, sage leaf, yellow dock root, yarrow flower, chaparral leaf, usnea lichen, goldenseal root, and liquid trace minerals in a vegetable glycerine/purified water base.

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