Lolo Pets Premium Big Parrot - 1.65 LB

Lolo Pets

$ 24.00 


Lolo Pets - Premium Big Parrot - 1.65 LB - Complete Premium Food for Macaw/Parrot


Complete food prepared especially for parrots. Consists of large pieces of quality fruit enriched with a mixture of hazelnuts and nuts. It provides natural vitamins, minerals and pectin.
Ingredients:55%, Oilseeds fruits and nuts 28%, vegetable 9%, other 4% vegetables, grains and cereals by-products 4%

Half analysis:Protein 13%, 10%, 6%, ash fiber 3% fat

User manual: Leave free disposition of the animal with fresh water. Use as food full. Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy animal, therefore we must provide our pet a rich and varied diet consisting of animal feed, hay, fruits and fresh vegetables. Also recommend supplement two or three times per week food base vitamins and minerals to prevent shortcomings.


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