AviClean - Gallon


$ 70.00 


AviClean - Gallon

AviClean Gallon

The very best aviary and cage cleaner. Ready to use. No rinsing required.

Important Information:
Easy to use dual enzyme extra strength formula for a spotless clean with no scrubbing or rinsing. Use on cages , floors, toys, perches, walls, etc. Easily removes dried bird droppings, caked-on foods such as fruit, vegetables, nectar, pellets, handfeeding formula , regurgitated substances. Also great for dog and cat stains. Bird-safe and Biodegradable. Will not harm cages. Less corrosive than distilled water. 

Technical Specifications:
Heavy Duty Dual Enzymatic Detergent
AviClean is a neutral pH, non-corrosive dual enzymatic detergent designed to remove organic deposits from hard and soft surfaces. The protein-dissolving enzymes in AviClean allow a fast, simple removal of bird droppings and food waste that often cannot be easily accomplished manually with soaps and other detergents.

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